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adidas Stan Smith

Shoe Care

Shoe care should be a mandatory course to take in school. I'm not reffering to just sneakers, but boots, dress shoes. Any shoe. The reason for this is that some shoes are not ment to have that over clean look. You want them to look clean, just not out of the box clean. Basically they need just a bit of dirt to give them that "i dont care" feel. Remember that sneakers need to be properly taken care of.

So lets get down on how to be clean.

  1. Take the laces out
  2. Get warm water
  3. Use dishwasher soap
  4. Scrub
  5. Start with the sole of the shoe
  6. Clean the top
  7. Dry shoe
  8. Now get some vim
  9. Get a damp paper towel

Now your shoes should be good!

However if you are interested, adidas does have a shoe care kit which you can purchase. By clicking on the picture you will be able to purchase.